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  1. Premise
  2. Definition
  3. Process Method
  4. Consequences of Process Refusal


Santa Caterina Resort, in Via Giustiniano, ang. via Torre S. Caterina – 73048 Santa Caterina di Nardò (Le), P. IVA: 03915360758, (hereinafter Controller)  provides the Cookie Policy, the information regarding Cookie management collected on the internet website, available at URL http://www.santacaterinaresort.it .For all aspects not covered by the Cookie Policy please refer to the Information Disclosure published on the website


The following expressions conventionally indicated with a capital letter ( whether singular or plural )have the following meaning:

  • Surfer: Whoever browses the website and can take advantage of the services offered by the Controller
  • Cookie: By cookie we mean a file composed of a single text line that can be temporarily stored  in the computer memory of the Surfer ( session or temporary cookies) and is positioned on the hard drive through a web page server ( ‘Durable’ cookie.)
  • Data: Anonymous browsing  data of the Surfer, better specified below;
  • Google Analytics: web analysis service supplied by the company Google Inc. (”Google”)

3. Process Method

a) Premise
Controller Durable Cookies are not utilized on the website because the website does not allow authentication procedures, sales, that is, it does not carry out any activity of personalizing the information offered to the surfers.

b) Controller Cookies Use
The website uses the following Controller temporary session Cookies :Jsession ID- duration :end of session browsing-description: this cookie is used to determine the user browsing  session.

c) Cookies Use  by Third Partiies.
The website relies on the Google Analytics Service that use Cookies  necessary for its own operation,,that is to say the following
_utma-2 years.This cookie is used to determine only the visitors to our website and is updated on each page viewed
_utma-30 minutes.This cookie is used to establish and continue a user session on the website.
_utmc- End of browsing session-This cookie is no longer used by the trace code ga.js to determine the session status. Historically this cookie worked in conjunction with the _utmb cookie to establish whether or not  to restart a new session  for the user. Still active for  retrospective compatibility.
_utmz-6 months. This cookie files the reference type used by the visitor to reach the website,that is, through a direct method, reference link, a search engine or an advertising campaign such as an advert or an email link. It is used to calculate  search engine traffic, advertising campaigns and the pages browsed within the website.

d)  Aim
Session Cookies are used to allow the efficient exploration of the website to determine the browsing  session and to manage the display of the disclosure  message regarding cookies and the subsequent choice of the Surfer. Furthermore the data generated by the Cookies are utilized by the Controller as an auxiliary instrument for analysis activity and the internal monitoring of traffic generated by the Surfers, (access and pages viewed in particuar) and to also help determine possible improvements in terms of operation and browsing.

e) Contents
Session Cookies are strictly limited to the transmission of session  data identification established by  random numbers by the server that do not allow  any personal identification of single Surfers. Through Google Analytics, Cookies are treated in an anonumous manner, without directly acquiring  personal identification data of the Surfer, that is, the following Data:  IP address ( that also allows geographical location), time and origin of the visits, possible past visits by the same surfer and other parameters concerning the operating system, computer environment and devices used by the surfer.

f) Duration
The session cookies are not memorized in a constant manner by the Surfer computer and disappear when the browser is shut down.The data genetated by Google Analytics  is stored by Google as indicated in the disclosure  available at  page : https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs/cookie-usage

g) Responsability
The Controller commits to using the Data generated by the Cookies exclusively for the aims indicated above.The Controller is not responsable for the Data processing carried out by Google through the system described above, limiting himself to taking note of the assurances provided by the same, who, in turn, abides by the provisions relative to the ‘Safe Harbour Principles’ data protection and participates in the ‘Safe Harbour’ programme of the USA Ministry of Commerce. The Data generated by Cookies regarding the use of the website by the Surfer (including the IP address) are transmitted and filed on the Googe server. Google  uses this data  to  analyze the browsing tendencies of the website and supply the Controller with Website visit reports. Google can also transfer this information to third parties where this is imposed on them by law or where these third parties manage the above mentioned information on behalf of Google. To consult the Google Privacy Disclosure, concerning the Google Anaytics Service, please visit the following website http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html. To view the Google Privacy policy norms please visit the following website http://www.google.com/intl/it/policies/privacy/. Without prejudice to the obbligations provided by national ruling, borne by the Controller, Google , as the independent controller of the process,  is solely  and exclusively liable (on a Civil and Criminal basis ) for the processing of Data through the above mentioned system.

4.Consequences of Process Refusal

  1. To refuse use of the Google Analytics Cookies, as indicated on   the Google website at link: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=it,the Surfer must proceed to modify the configuration of his own browser downloading the added component for the deactivation of  Google Anaytics JavaScript (ga.js.analytics.js,dc,js) available at the following link: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=it
  2. The disabling of the Google Analytics Cookies  does not significantly limit the useability of the website, however it does hinder the Controller in  the pursuit of the aims described above.

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